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    How To Maintain Your Garage Door: Our Top Tips

    A new garage door is a significant investment, and one you’d hope would last for an extended period of time. However, like any piece of hardware used on a daily basis, your garage…

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    Can a New Garage Door Affect Your Property Value?

    Over the past year, mortgage rates have fluctuated wildly. Amidst these market variations, you may be searching for a cost-effective way to increase your home’s value. One method you could be considering is…

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    Why Won’t my Garage Door Close in Cold Weather?

    During the colder months, you’re more likely to rely on your garage to protect your vehicle from the elements. However, plummeting temperatures may prevent your garage door from operating properly. It’s important to…

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    What Are the Standard Single and Double Garage Door Sizes?

    No Standard Size: Garage doors vary in size, with both single and double options available in different dimensions, making correct sizing important for safety and security. Single Garage Door Sizes: Typically range from 6ft-10ft wide…

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    Metal vs Wooden Garage Doors

    Durability: Metal garage doors are strong, weather-resistant, and secure, ideal for various climates. Wooden doors resist dents naturally but need more weather protection. Maintenance Needs: Wooden doors require yearly maintenance such as sanding and restaining,…

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    What Is the Most Secure Garage Door?

    Enhanced Security in Modern Doors: Modern garage doors, compared to older models, feature multiple locks and stronger locking rods, offering better resistance to break-ins. Roller Garage Doors: Despite their slatted design, these doors provide high…

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    Can Garage Door Panels Be Replaced?

    Many modern garage doors are constructed out of several panels – which makes it easier for them to be opened and neater for them to be tucked away when open. This design…

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    Garage Door Types: How to Choose the Right Garage Door

    Roller Garage Doors: Offer modern design and space efficiency, freeing up both interior and exterior garage space. Up & Over Garage Doors: Provide a traditional look with a wide range of material choices for customization.

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    Welcome to our new blog!

    The team here at Jb Garage Doors would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature regular posts updating readers on the latest news and advice from our company, as…

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