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    Commonly-asked questions

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    My current door has jammed – how do I know if it’s repairable? 

    Just give us a call and our fully trained technicians will visit your premises to diagnose the issue and give you a quotation – we offer a complete service from the most basic repair all the way to replacement of key components of the opening mechanism.

    If you install a new garage door for me, will you take the old one away? 

    Yes, if we are installing a new system then we will remove all the leftover materials and debris including the old door and frame (although we may request a small charge regarding landfill costs, if required).

    How do I specify the size of the replacement door I require? 

    The dimensions quoted as the opening size of an up-and-over garage door are always expressed as WIDTH x HEIGHT and refer to the opening within a suitable timber frame or within the factory fitted steel frame, and NOT to the actual size of the door. We can quickly establish this on your behalf if you ask for a free on-site survey and quotation – from this, we can recommend the best options for your situation.

    How do I find out the cost of fitting a new double door to my existing opening, and adding a new automatic opener? 

    The best way to establish any costs is to organise a free home visit and survey. Once we know the exact dimensions of your garage and your particular requirements, we can then go through all the possible products and costs. We offer extremely competitive prices on all our automatic garage doors but the final price will depend on your specific requirements, along with the shape and configuration of your garage door opening. We can then provide a written quotation. If you decide to go ahead, we can deliver and install on a day that suits you – all work is guaranteed.

    Can you reinstall my existing door opener on my new door? 

    Yes, but we would first need to check the specification and condition of the opener to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

    Will my new garage door require maintenance? 

    Yes, all garage doors require maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. We advise that you follow the maintenance procedures recommended with the installation instructions that came with your door. The technicians at JB Garage Doors can also carry out an annual maintenance for a very reasonable fee.

    I already have a working up-and-over garage door – can you simply automate it for me? 

    Yes, our professionals may be able to do this, subject to survey, although this may not deliver all the benefits of a completely new integrated system. Call us for a free, no-obligation survey and quotation for either option.

    I have some large gates at the entrance of my property – can they be automated? 

    Generally, most gates can be automated but there may be some exceptions. Much will depend on the site layout, the state of repair of the existing gates, the gate posts and hinges, and the gate leaf alignment. Our professionals can conduct a free site survey to assess your individual situation and offer a quotation.

    What happens to my power gates in the event of a power failure? 

    We always provide the owner with manual release keys and instructions on how to release the automation system in the event of a power failure. Some systems also come with battery back up.

    If you install power gates, how do visitors get in when the house is empty? 

    Because power gates are there to provide perimeter security, they are designed to prevent visitors from accessing your property when you’re not there. However some systems provide a facility that calls the mobile number of the owner when someone is seeking access, and the owner can release the gates even if they are hundreds of miles away.

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