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    4 Benefits of Upgrading to an Automated Garage Door

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    4 Benefits of Upgrading to an Automated Garage Door

    Although automation was once seen as a luxury feature, it’s now becoming more affordable and accessible for everyday consumers. That means automatic garage doors are becoming commonplace throughout the country, as more and more homeowners seek to replace their existing manual doors with a more convenient option.

    If you’re on the fence and you’re not quite sure how an automatic garage door will benefit your home, the team at JB Garage Door has compiled this list detailing some of the main advantages.

    JB Garage Doors fitting a new garage door


    Automated garage doors can enhance security

    When you’re leaving the house on a hectic day, locking the garage door behind you might slip your mind. Many garages nowadays are often used to store high-value items, such as tools and bikes, so any break-in can have massive financial consequences. 

    Most electric garage doors will automatically lock behind you so there’ll never be a time where your garage is left without protection. Furthermore, automatic garage doors are usually fixed directly to the frame with no handles or gaps, meaning there are fewer weak points to attempt forced entry.

    Automated garage doors can enhance home safety

    It’s understandable that in a busy family home, pets and children can often get underfoot, and when you throw a heavy garage door into the mix, this can have disastrous consequences. 

    However, with an automated garage door, safety doesn’t have to be a concern. Most automated garage doors are equipped with sensors which have an auto-reverse feature, meaning if an obstruction is detected, this will stop the door in its tracks and prevent it from landing on top of something or someone.

    Elevated convenience with automated garage doors

    On a cold, rainy day, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to leave the comfort of your vehicle, and with an automated garage door, you don’t have to! With one click of a button, your garage door will open and you can drive straight inside without braving the elements to manually open the door. This also makes automated garage doors a much more accessible solution for anyone with limited mobility who might struggle with the physical demands of opening a heavy door.

    Most automated garage doors can also be controlled via smartphone for even greater convenience. So if you’re not at home but you need to access your garage – perhaps you’re expecting a delivery or your neighbour is popping round to borrow some tools – then you can easily operate your door remotely.

    Double wooden SWS UK garage doors - JB Garage Doors

    Increase your property value with automated garage doors

    Thanks to all the above benefits, automated garage doors are highly sought-after in any home. Therefore, when the time comes to put your house on the market, this is a feature that will typically raise property value; in fact, you may even make back your initial investment.

    Can you automate an existing garage door?

    So what happens if you’ve only recently had a manual garage door installed, but you’ve now decided that an automated garage door is better suited to your needs? Well, here at JB Garage Doors, we can easily automate your existing garage door for you in no time. 

    Firstly, one of our experts will pay you a visit to assess the condition of your current door, making sure it’s suitable for automation. If it’s looking particularly worn, it might be more cost-effective in the long run to just opt for a complete garage door replacement. We’ll then install the new motor, as well as any safety features and sensors, before connecting to the power supply and providing you with a thorough demonstration of how to use your new garage door.

    Do you want to automate an existing garage door? Or perhaps you’d rather invest in an entirely new one? Whatever your needs, here at JB Garage Doors, we have the solution for you. With our fast and efficient installation, we’ll ensure you can reap all the benefits of an automatic garage door in no time. For more information or to get a free quote, get in touch with our friendly team today – we operate across Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Rochester and the surrounding Kent region.

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