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    What Are the Standard Single and Double Garage Door Sizes?

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    What Are the Standard Single and Double Garage Door Sizes?

    • No Standard Size: Garage doors vary in size, with both single and double options available in different dimensions, making correct sizing important for safety and security.
    • Single Garage Door Sizes: Typically range from 6ft-10ft wide and 6ft 6in-7ft tall, suitable for one standard car, with larger or custom sizes needed for bigger vehicles or additional storage.
    • Double Garage Door Dimensions: Generally 14ft-16ft wide and 7ft high, accommodating two vehicles, with special designs for RVs being wider and taller, often using roller or sectional doors for space efficiency.
    • Custom Doors and Measurement Factors: Bespoke doors cater to non-standard openings, considering factors like opening size, garage depth, roof and side space, and any internal obstructions or requirements for automatic doors.

    When choosing your new garage door, it can be challenging to get your head around the different proportions. There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ door and both single and double garage doors can come in a range of measurements. Ordering the correctly sized door is vital for ensuring the safety and security of your home. 

    With this in mind, the team at JB Garage Doors has written this handy guide to familiarise you with the garage door sizes available.

    Standard UK garage door sizes and dimensions

    What size is a single garage door?

    Although there is not one standard size of garage door, many single garage doors are manufactured in commonly used dimensions. They can be readily bought in sizes ranging from 6ft-10ft wide and 6tft 6in- 7ft tall. These garages can fit one regularly sized car inside, however, if you need lots of storage space or have multiple vehicles then a double garage may be more convenient. It is worth bearing in mind that if you have a large vehicle, a single garage door may prove a bit of a squeeze and you may wish to opt for a bespoke door.

    What size is a double garage door?

    Double garages are large enough to comfortably fit two regular vehicles side by side, making them perfect for families. They provide additional storage room and are ideal for those who require surplus space when entering and exiting their vehicle. Double garage doors typically range from 14ft-16ft wide to 7ft high. However, you can also obtain specially designed RV garage doors with a 16ft width and an 8ft height to suit larger vehicles. Although double garage doors are available in a variety of different styles, roller and sectional doors may be best suited for these dimensions. Their zero outswing and compact nature maximises the space both inside and outside of your garage.

    Bespoke garage doors

    Having well-fitted garage doors is vital for both the energy efficiency and security of your property. If you have an unusually sized aperture, a bespoke garage door is the best way to ensure a snug fit; they are made to measure and take into account all awkward surrounding areas. Made-to-measure garage doors are designed to your exact specifications and are highly customisable, available in a huge range of styles and designs to suit any property.

    How to measure your garage opening

    Measuring your garage opening is often a complex process and varies depending on which style of door you have chosen. If unsure, it’s best to contact a professional to ensure your measurements are correct. During a home visit, your installer will take a variety of measurements, including:

    • The opening height from floor to lintel.
    • The opening width from brick to brick.
    • The distance from the opening to the rear wall of the garage.
    • The roof clearance from lintel to ceiling; this is particularly important when choosing a sectional or roller garage door.
    • The side clearance.

    Your technician will also note any internal fixings – pipes, lights and ductwork for example – that may disrupt smooth operation of the door. If having an automatic garage door fitted, they will also identify appropriate electrical outlets.

    We also offer a stunning range of composite doors and front doors.

    JB Garage Doors is one of the leading garage door suppliers across Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Rochester and the wider Kent region. We stock a huge range of both single and double garage doors from prominent manufacturers: Wessex Doors, Garador, Hörmann and SWS UK to name a few. Our experienced team is on hand to offer advice and provide a precise installation – simply get in touch with us today.

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