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    Why Won’t my Garage Door Close in Cold Weather?

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    Why Won’t my Garage Door Close in Cold Weather?

    • Track and Alignment Problems: Cold weather can freeze or misalign garage door tracks. Remove ice and use lubricant for proper functioning.
    • Frozen Panels and Brittle Springs: Panels can stick due to ice, and cold temperatures may cause springs to break. Use warm air for panels and consult professionals for spring issues.
    • Sensor and Remote Control Issues: Wipe down sensors to clear condensation and replace remote control batteries affected by cold.
    • Grease Hardening: Cold weather hardens grease on moving parts. Clean off and apply silicone-based lubricant for smoother operation.

    During the colder months, you’re more likely to rely on your garage to protect your vehicle from the elements. However, plummeting temperatures may prevent your garage door from operating properly. It’s important to be aware of the potential problems caused by wintry conditions so that you can restore your garage access in no time. With this in mind, the team at JB Garage Doors has written this article explaining why your garage door may fail to close in cold weather.

    frozen leaves on floor in woods

    Frozen or misaligned tracks

    Tracks guide the motion of your garage door as it opens and closes, ensuring proper alignment and smooth operation. During the winter, these tracks can become frozen and ice may impede the movement of your garage door. In order to fix this, you should remove the ice with a scraper and apply a suitable lubricant to keep the track well-greased.

    Most garage door tracks are made of metal, which can contract in freezing conditions, causing components to seize up against each other. In the worst-case scenario, your tracks can become warped and misaligned. Should this occur, you will need to consult a garage door professional to rectify the problem. 

    Frozen panels

    A number of garage door styles comprise multiple panels and moisture can collect between these in cold temperatures. When this freezes, ice may prevent the door from opening and closing properly. This is easily fixable and warm air can be used to melt this; hot water is not recommended as it could damage the door.

    Broken springs

    Springs support the weight of your garage door and are essential for its smooth operation. They are typically made of metal which, as mentioned above, is adversely affected in cold temperatures. Freezing conditions put the springs under more strain than usual, causing them to become brittle. This makes them far more susceptible to breaking, which will result in your garage door becoming non-operational.

    Condensation on sensors

    Condensation commonly occurs when there are rapid fluctuations in temperature. If your garage is equipped with safety sensors, a build-up of condensation can block their infrared beams. This will result in the sensors registering an obstruction in its way, even if there is nothing there. This issue is easily fixed by frequently wiping down your sensors. 

    Automation issues

    If you’re struggling to close an automated garage door, the issue may lie with the remote control. Batteries drain faster in colder temperatures, so the problem may simply be solved by replacing them with fresh ones. You should always check whether your door can be manually operated first, as this will help determine whether the source of the issue lies in the automation or in the door mechanism itself.

    Hardened grease

    Most moving components in your garage door need greasing to ensure they run smoothly. In cold temperatures, this grease can harden and will need to be removed with a stiff-bristled brush. To prevent this from happening, a silicone-based lubricant should be applied, as this can resist extreme temperatures.

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