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    Garage Doors Tips & Advice

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    4 Benefits of Upgrading to an Automated Garage Door

    Although automation was once seen as a luxury feature, it’s now becoming more affordable and accessible for everyday consumers. That means automatic garage doors are becoming commonplace throughout the country, as more and…

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    Can an Insulated Garage Door Reduce Your Energy Bill?

    Energy Savings: Insulated garage doors reduce energy bills by preventing heat loss, particularly beneficial for attached garages. Design: These doors have a double-skinned structure with insulating material, enhancing thermal efficiency. Types for Insulation: Roller and…

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    Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

    Stuck Doors: Often due to lack of lubrication. Regular application of a lubricant like WD40 can help. Remote Issues: Check batteries and ensure no obstructions are blocking the sensor. Clean the sensor for optimal performance.

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    What Factors Affect the Cost of Your Garage Door?

    Material Influence: Steel garage doors are cost-effective and durable, while wooden doors are pricier but enhance curb appeal and value. Size and Colour: Costs vary with size (double doors cost more) and custom colours. Automation…

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    How To Maintain Your Garage Door: Our Top Tips

    A new garage door is a significant investment, and one you’d hope would last for an extended period of time. However, like any piece of hardware used on a daily basis, your garage…

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    Can a New Garage Door Increase Your Property Value?

    Security and Durability: New garage doors enhance property security and are resilient against weather, boosting safety and longevity. Curb Appeal and Low Maintenance: Updating to a new garage door improves the property’s exterior look and…

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    Why Won’t my Garage Door Close in Cold Weather?

    Track and Alignment Problems: Cold weather can freeze or misalign garage door tracks. Remove ice and use lubricant for proper functioning. Frozen Panels and Brittle Springs: Panels can stick due to ice, and cold temperatures…

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    What Are the Standard Single and Double Garage Door Sizes?

    No Standard Size: Garage doors vary in size, with both single and double options available in different dimensions, making correct sizing important for safety and security. Single Garage Door Sizes: Typically range from 6ft-10ft wide…

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    Can Garage Door Panels Be Replaced?

    Panel Replacement Possible: Damaged panels in garage doors can usually be replaced, but the choice between replacing a panel or the whole door depends on the door’s age and the extent of damage. Considerations for…

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    Garage Door Types: How to Choose the Right Garage Door

    Roller Garage Doors: Offer modern design and space efficiency, freeing up both interior and exterior garage space. Up & Over Garage Doors: Provide a traditional look with a wide range of material choices for customization.

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